To make amends or reparation.

Welcome to Atone Health, an online publication that produces bi-weekly content geared towards the mind, body and soul. With its sleek and minimalist approach, this publication aims to simplify the increasingly complex world of health & wellness.

Atone Health’s mission is to provide simple and succinct educational content for twenty-somethings in Calgary, Alta who wish to repair their mental, physical and spiritual health. Every other week Atone speaks to experts in the field of health & wellness whose informed opinions readers can trust.

Content at Atone Health takes the form of short, snappy news articles, and occasionally long, lively features on the gut-brain connection, hormone balance, mental well-being, and MORE. Unlike other health & wellness publications, Atone doesn’t feed into fads and trends, but instead it focuses on ancient and holistic practices to better the mind, body and soul.